And It's Slowly Coming Together.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My program fees are officially paid and all my paperwork has been successful submitted!!

I have been working on that paperwork for so long it is a relief to not have to think about it. I signed up for this program in August, it is now February...that really should not have taken me 5 months to complete and yet some how it did :) Most importantly, I finished my skills and interest survey, which will help CCS find the right placement for me and see where I will be most useful in the community. It really made me think about what I wanted out of my experience in Moshi and what I could give to the program. I think the need for self-evaluation is why I took so long filling everything out.

I've also got the first round of my immunization shots. There was a pinch and the arms hurt for a night but it was all good. I had to get Hep A, B, and Typhoid...they said I don't need my Yellow Fever but that makes me nervous. Technically you are only required to have the shot if you are coming from a Yellow Fever infected zone. But in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania's unoffical capital and largest city) there is a low risk of contracting the fever and, since I have my weekends free, who knows if I will take a day trip there. I wont be planning weekend trips until I am in country. Still, when I go back for my second round of Hepatitis shots I think I will opt for the Yellow fever as well...better to be safe than sorry!


Over the last 3 or 4 months I have had to come up with numerous ways to save for this experience. One of these was the fundraiser held in January. But I also acquired a second, part time, job at Wicker Emporium, as well as moved home in to my parents house to save on rent and other bills. I started at Wicker in November and finished last week. It was great working with the people there, a great staff. It will be nice to have weekends and nights free again, maybe I will be more productive with that Swahili!! (I'm trying to learn a few basics before I set off. They will provide lessons once in country as part of the cultural learning experience. Plus being surrounded by it will help tons. Learning it here is hard since you can't really go out and practice with others.) Overall the whole experience of working two jobs was a good one for me, kept me very busy and productive :) Plus it was a great help for my trip!

Moving back home has been a blessing in disguise. It started as just another way to save for Tanzania but became something special for me. I love having my own space and being independent, yet being able to spend more time with my family has made it worth the sacrifice. Who knows where I will be in a few years, where any of us will be. So to have this little piece of time together has been great. Not that we spend all the time together but just knowing they are close I said, a blessing in disguise. Not to mention, I got to redo my parents guest room. So much fun! I love to decorate, I think in another life I would choose to be an interior decorater.

I thought being out on my own for so long and then coming back to the house I grew up in would be a lot harder. I am pleasently suprised :) One in town for a year and a half then going back to the country makes you realize how much driving is involved! It was so convenient just walking to the grocery store, but now not so convenient. Hopefully when I get back from Tanzania I can look into getting my own vehicle if I stay out here, I think that is the only way I will be fully comfortable...anyways...:)


Next on my Tanzania To Do List :
- Apply for my visa (which includes mailing about 6 or 7 things to the embassy in Ottawa, including my passport. Really hoping that doesnt get lost in the mail!)
- Create a packing list and buying what I don't have for the trip