A Little Piece of Happiness

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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We had three new volunteers come to Tulivu today, Laura, Hannah, and Samantha. Every 3 weeks CCS gets a new group of volunteers and this time three of them were placed at my Kindergarten. It will be great having them there to share the experience. Plus, with other volunteers you have more support and can get more things accomplished.

They really enjoyed their first day!! I was so happy to hear that because I remember how overwhelmed I felt my first day at Tulivu, I wanted to crawl in to the fetal position and forget about it haha. It is a very intimidating experience.

Today we started the school day off with games, as we usually do. We all joined hands in the middle of the dirt playground to sing songs, like ring around the rosy, the wheels on the bus, the hokey pokey, if you're happy and you know it, and one Swahili dance song. We then got the kids to play another game, similar to Fishes and Whales except it involves a lion trying to catch, first the girls and then the boys. I love watching them run around laughing and enjoying themselves. After games it was time to line up to sing their school and national anthems and say their prayers.

When we went in to the classroom the new teachers introduced themselves, we have 7 in total now!! But Mama Mwanga doesn't do a lot of the teaching so their will be 6 of us in the classroom for the most part.

When we split with the Pre-2's we taught them some more English nouns, very similar to yesterday. Not much new to report there. One of my new students, Samueli, had to be told exactly what to write in his work book, letter by letter. He couldn't really do any of the lesson on his own. I love being able to work with my kids individually so that isn't the issue. But I don't know if he is at the right level. The poor boy, I'm not convinced he should have been moved up.

I just have to finish this short update by saying that aAt recess today Shifra was the light of my life. I love that little girl. She kept getting me to spin her around and around, she loved the dizzy feeling :) Her laugh was precious and contagious. I could have hugged her all day long.

It is amazing being with these kids. It is so simple but so rewarding. They make you feel welcome and happy. It gets frustrating at times when they are all pulling at you and demanding your attention but it doesn't even compare to the positive aspects of being here. If I am giving them back half of what they have given me then I am satisfied because they have given me so much love. Often here life is rough and seeing those kids laugh, play and smile is the best. Every little bit counts.


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