Thursday, June 2, 2011

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I did a craft with my kids at Tulivu today. It was really fun and I think they really enjoyed it! We usually do songs and games in the morning because there are not a lot of resources to work with. Most days it is just me and my imagination to keep the kids entertained and learning. But since I don't have much time left with the little ones I have decided that now is the time to pull out the big guns.

I spent time last night cutting hearts out of red and pink construction paper. Then I wrote I Love You (ninakupenda) on each heart. Because I have been teaching them "you are my sunshine", I wanted to stay on that affection track haha. We got to sing the song again today and they love the "i love you" actions.

I gave each kid a heart and let them decorate it with stickers and crayons. A lot of them drew pictures of random things: people, suns, houses, cars, chickens...It was so much fun going through them afterwards and smiling at all the drawings they came up with. They absolutely love stickers!!

I had them all lift up their hearts at the end to show them off for a picture :) I will share that on my blog once I get back from Kenya on Sunday. They kept saying "I love you, I love you" over and over again. It was so cute.

I am going to hang them off the beams in the one room school house. That will be a project for after placement next week. I can't wait to decorate the classroom with the kids art :)


I gave the Pre II's a math test today, similar to the worksheets I gave them yesterday. Most of them did great which made me so happy but there are 3 kids that need a lot of work. They didn't really understand the concept of the value of a number at all. I want to work on addition and subtraction with them next week so we will have to keep that in mind.


Leaving for Kenya tomorrow after placement! Taking the Dar Express to Nairobi and going to the elephant orphange, the giraffe center, and Kibera, the largest slums in East Africa. I'm really excited!!

Talk to you all soon! xoxo


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