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Some pictures from my first week in Kilimanjaro:

The market in Moshi.

Me at the Art Market in Moshi. Some really great pics!

My group at CCS.

Moses Polepole, our director, at orientation.

My first house at the homebase. (recently moved, in my third week, to the other house)

Our drive to placement!

The outside dining room. Where we eat all our meals and have meetings.

Emily and I in the bus.

Rau village, one of the poorer areas of Moshi.

A talented artist in Rau village. She makes purses out of recycled grain and sugar bags. I bought one :)

Her cooking hut, made out of mud.

Kids from Rau.

No explanation needed. haha.

My first bedroom at homebase. My bed is to the left.

The coffee tour on Kili. Oscar, our guide, with his family.

Fresh off the fire!

Having an organic cup of coffee.

Banana beer, a new experience haha.

Notice the rain in the background. You can see where it is over Moshi from the mountain.

Van surfing down Kili.

Sunset over Mount Meru.

Our night out at the shakey, shakey.

Karen, Susan and I at shakey, shakey.


My second and Third weeks at CCS:

With a precious little girl named Lulu at Neema.

Naomi at Neema Orphanage. The little singer!

Batik Class.

Black Smith shop in Marangu, on Mount Kili.

Going down in to the caves of the Chagga Tribe.

The caves/pit.

Making our way down to the waterfall in Marangu.

The waterfall.

A beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro graced us with her presence one morning on our way to placement.

My CCS group at Muzungu Bar. One last celebration together! It was such a great group of people!

My Pre-2 class at Tulivu!! From front to back, left to right: Gidion, Shifra, Jenifa, Victor, Joyce, Joan, Jeska, and Emanueli. Esta was missing that day.

Mama Mwanga, the founder of Tulivu.

Some of the boys looking cool!


Palm Trees!

Our first night, sitting out at the hotel bar watching the sunset.

Our snorkeling boat in Zanzibar.

The deck in the ocean view room. The hotel was right on the beach.

Iran, Me, Erin, Corinne, and Susan sporting our homemade jewelry at the end of our spice tour.

Stone Town. Beautiful!

A view of Stone Town from the House of Wonders.

Where up to 75 slaves would be kept to wait for auction. The raised area was for them to sit and the pathway was their bathroom.

Joyce showing off her hand print on the doors of the school room.

Playing before class.

The kids wanted me in a picture  but they couldn't quite get the hang of taking one themselves.

Our class room.

Joyce and I.

Going out for Erinn's Bday!

At The Watering Hole with the group. Great fun!

Me and the Birthday Girl.
Masai women on our way to our campsite for the night.

Masai village.

Getting ready for the traditional dance.

Chanting, in line for the dance.

Participating in some of the traditions.

Joseph, the Chiefs son, getting ready to show us his house.
One of our Safari vehicles!!
Lion cub having lunch.
Sunset over our campsite.

Monkeys everywhere!
An old elephant walking the plains of Ngorongoro.
Ngorongoro Crater.
Most of the group in front of Lake Manyara.
Baboons. There were soooo many!
Me in front of Lake Manyara.
A male lion chilling in the sunshine.
After the Giraffes crossed the road we had to pull over for pictures!! What else would you do?
Riding the camels :)
Ready for the Climb!
Mandara Hut.
Sunrise on summit morning overlooking Mawenzi peak.
Musa, Me, Susan and Adam at Uhuru peak!!! WE DID IT!

The Beautiful glaciers of Kili!

Walking through the rainforest.

We are free. Reaching the gate to Marangu route.
Grace in the doorway of class A.

Me with Hadija and Zainabu.

Porridge time! This is where the kids eat everyday. The line gets pretty crazy, lots of shoving. Then they quietly move to the floor and eat their portion.

The three room school house.

Me with Hadija and Grace.

The kids showing off their coloring, getting very excited.

Rachel reading class A a story.
Showing the kids Canada on the map.
Godifred, Sebastian, Me, and Hadija.

The kids lining up to sing their anthem and get inspected for cleanliness (we check their nails, teeth and uniforms)

Nature Rubbings!

Grace and I!

Prosper eating porridge.

Porridge time!

The kids enjoying their lollipops.

Receiving my fabric from the teachers and Adventi.

Wrapped up African style.
Me with Grace, she made me pose for this one :)

Reading about Canada to the kids.

Prosper and Adventi walking home after class.

Adventi stashed his lollipop to enjoy at home.

Susan and Laura with Giamani.

African Football.
Some of the girls skipping rope
Some of the kids excited to take pictures.
Dancing and singing :)

Me with Furaha

Me and Louis, the tiniest and cutest boy ever!

Jenifa and Shifra
Emanuel and Gidioni

Our class!

Holding up their hearts for a picture

Me with Joyce
Playing Bingo with the Kids!

Dining area at the hostel.

Becca and I in the foyer waiting for the taxi.

Petting baby elephants!

Eating up

Relaxing after a big meal
Baby crocs!
Feeding Giraffes


Jennica, Becca, Me and Kira feeding Giraffes

Visiting the crocs
Holding a baby corcodile


An alleyway in Kibera

Garbage lining the streets in Kibera